Our Team

Todd Phillips, Publisher, Conference Producer

Todd has been in the commercial real estate industry since graduating law school in 2004.  He has been a developer and/or partner on more than 1 million square feet of apartment, office and industrial properties.  Todd manages the publication and conference promotion in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.  He has been a frequent lecturer, educator, and presenter at more than 100 events spanning multiple states and topics over the last 15 years.  Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Sean Shank, Editor, Writer, Awesome Guy to Work With

Sean Shank has been writing professionally since 1995 as a freelance contributor to the comedy, art, real estate, automotive, legal, and manufacturing industries.  Over the years, aside from a deep involvement in the comedy industry, Sean has written for numerous real estate publications on and off the web.  Most notably his work has reached the nation and beyond with the “Top Ten Scariest Homes for Sale” list that is published each year.  He has written in part, or the whole of the list since 2012 with his work being published in Yahoo! News, CNN.com, MSNBC, WGN.com, New York Daily News, The L.A. Times and more.

Sean is an alumnus of Purdue University and is currently attending Southern New Hampshire University pursuing a degree in Creative Writing and English.  He is excited to part of the team at Indiana Real Estate Journal and participating in all their top-notch coverage of the Midwest real estate market.

Alan Davis, Graphics Design, Print Production and Conference Management

Alan wears the most hats in the company by far.  He leads Real Estate Publishing Corp.’s graphic design process, printing, and production, as well as managing the conference registration process and portal.  Alan works at a consistent, furious pace to make sure you have the information in your hands (and in a professional format) when you need it most.

Jeff Johnson, President, Real Estate Publishing Corp.

Jeff has more than 20 years’ experience in publishing real estate news and hosting educational conferences.  He manages the company’s sales operations across the country and hosts more than 20 events in Minnesota and Texas.  Jeff has an unmatched passion to see the company grow and succeed in providing the best in commercial real estate news and events across the US.

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